Travel Unity’s voting body is the Board of Directors, comprised of:


Prof. Damien L. Duchamp              Ethan Gelber               Dr. Kristin Lamoureux, Ph.D.


Trish Meade                                     Terry Oppong                     Cindy VandenBosch



Roni Weiss

Travel Unity is pleased to have an active Board of Advisors, including influential voices from within the spaces of travel/tourism, community engagement, and other relevant fields.

Members of the Board of Advisors include:


Rhonda Binda                    Jim Brody                   Sana Butler


Siobhan Chrétien            Valarie D’Elia              Pierre Gervois

Rainer Jenss


Naledi K. Khabo          Justa Lujwangana    Kimberly Ramsawak


Sarah Smith                 Tiffany Townsend         Ernest White II