Our Vision



Our Definition of Travel


When people leave their usual environment, they come into contact with new people, new sights, new experiences, and new ideas.


That exposure allows individuals to learn more about themselves and the world around them, creating greater internal and societal awareness.


For Travel Unity, travel experiences go beyond those involved airplane travel.


For us, travel includes:


  • local experiences, like going to a restaurant in a different neighborhood, visiting a cultural institution to see the exhibits or for an event, or joining a local tour
  • regional experiences, like day trips or camping
  • short and long-term relocation for school or work



The Travel Industry


While traveling is an as aspiration for many people, the travel industry itself isn’t always an obvious career path.


Travel is, arguably, the world’s largest industry, encompassing a wide variety of economic activity, including airlines, restaurants, hotels, and attractions, along with the technology, marketing, public relations, etc. to support this organizations.


Like all industries, travel/tourism/hospitality needs to fill roles at all levels and functions:



  • Entry-level, like front desk staff, prep cooks, etc.
  • Management
  • Executive staff



Outside of more traditional career roles, the travel industry is replete with startups that seek to disrupt the status quo, providing entrepreneurial opportunities, as well.


No matter an individual’s skillset or passion, finding a job or longer-term career in the world of travel will help connect someone to like-minded colleagues, an array of contacts from all over the world, and ample excuses to travel for work or as a personal activity.


Micro to Macro Programming

Travel Unity facilitates change for individuals, organizations, and the global community.


Micro (individuals) Mid-Level (organizations) Macro (destinations)
Speakers Travel Unity facilitates speakers visiting K-12 schools in NYC Organizations can send speakers regularly to inspire young people Destination representatives can visit to educate young people 
Excursions Travel Unity facilitates local and regional excursions for K-12 and young adults Hotels, restaurants, and attractions can welcome young people as guests, showcasing job opportunities  Destinations (including neighborhoods, boroughs, counties, and neighboring states) can welcome young people through organized Travel Unity excursions.
Internship Program Travel Unity works with schools and young adults to prepare them for and be assigned to internships in the travel/hospitality industry Travel Unity collaborates with businesses to optimize their experience with interns from a diverse range of backgrounds
Research Travel Unity coordinates with businesses and associations in the travel industry to learn more about attitudes toward diversity, inclusion, and equity
Networking Travel Unity sets  up events to connect new members of the travel industry with seasoned veterans, including possible employers Travel Unity connects potential new hires to those looking for qualified candidates
Consulting Travel Unity engages with organizations to help them diversify their employee base and outreach Travel Unity provides insight to destinations on how to leverage tourism as a means of economic development
Events Travel Unity creates and manages events to inspire and connect individuals Through events, Travel Unity highlights organizations that value diversity in their staff and in the traveling public Travel Unity’s events help showcase destinations that welcome people of a variety of backgrounds