Below are resources that we recommend:

For Individuals

Nomadic Matt has a variety of resources for those Getting Started in their travel lives.

Expert Vagabond has a posts on jobs you can do while traveling – 33 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling

Hostelling International’s Explore the World Travel Scholarships — Recipients receive $2,000 to help finance their international trip that includes an educational or service component.

Responsible Travel Tips PDF via CREST

For Businesses

How to Increase Workplace Diversity – The Wall Street Journal

Cultural Intelligence: The Essential Intelligence for the 21st Century (PDF) Cultural Intelligence Center

Three Reasons Why Diverse Teams Outperform Homogenous Teams by Caterina Bulgarella

For Emerging Destinations

Inclusive Tourism Marketing Toolkit by Travability

The Case for Responsible Travel (PDF) by CREST

Do you have resources that could help individuals bring travel into their lives, businesses be more inclusive, or emerging destinations to thrive? Let us know if you want to be included: [email protected]